Increase your sales with Property Part Exchange

Our property part exchange model works in a similar way to traditional auto part exchange. Essentially Quick Move Properties can purchase your customer’s existing property below open market value. The available funds from this sale can then be used to secure an onward purchase, whether that be a new build, park home or leisure home.

Leisure Home Part Exchange New Build Part Exchange    Park Home Part Exchange

Whether you’re a large builder who wants to minimise your financial risk, or a small to medium sized developer who doesn’t have the large balance sheet required to offer part exchange directly to your clients, Quick Move Properties – the UK’s largest independent part exchange provider – can help by providing a third party part exchange service at no financial risk to your company.

Our business model revolves around speed and certainty providing liquidity to the UK housing market. Using our own capital on a non-recourse basis, we are not restricted by trade-up values, regional boundaries or property types. Whereas traditional builder-provided part exchange schemes tend to be only available on certain criteria, using a third party provider means it can be offered on ALL types of property in any UK location!

Support the Help to Buy Scheme with Part Exchange
Quick Move Properties can support developers on a Help to Buy scheme sale as a third party part exchange provider when introduced by the vendor. Talk to our friendly team today to discover how we can help on 01793 840917.

We already work alongside hundreds of park home operators and have helped over 5,000 customers to move on with the next stage of their lives.

By working alongside Quick Move Properties, you can offer your customers a risk-free part exchange on an existing property as an incentive for them to purchase onward!

Simply put, we take the financial risk of the part exchange while you just concentrate on selling more homes!

Part exchange can help your customers to secure a new leisure home in as little as seven days.

Usually, customers use our service if they need to sell a second home, an investment property or an inherited property in order to release capital to purchase their holiday home.  We also provide services for those looking to downsize and use the equity from their existing property to purchase a smaller property and a holiday home.

Quick Move Properties is the UK’s largest residential property investment company, with a division that works specifically with brokers and introducers. The size and scale of Quick Move Properties means it can enable brokers to close a deal with their vendor and secure their introducer fee in as little as 24 hours.

 Who can Property Part Exchange help?

If you have a customer who owns a bricks and mortar property they could be eligible for Quick Move Properties’ part exchange service to secure their onward purchase.

Property part exchange is an ideal solution for people in the following scenarios:

  • Customer who requires a quick move to their onward purchase without the hassles and uncertainties of selling on the open market
  • Customer who has been trying to sell their existing property on the open market with little to no success
  • Customer who has equity in their existing home

Key Benefits of Part Exchange…

There are many benefits to using Quick Move Properties property part exchange solution……

  • Increased sales: No risk of a sale falling through which helps you meet targets and accurately forecast sales
  • Quick Completions: Quick Move Properties can arrange the transfer of funds for a property sale to suit your customer’s timescales. From as little to 7 days to as long as is needed, we can be as flexible as you need us to be!
  • Secure and risk free: Once the customer has received a formal offer, the sale is secured and Quick Move Properties carry all the risk involved with buying and selling your customer’s property
  • No Fees: There are zero fees for either you or your customer. Quick Move Properties eradicate estate agency fees and cover all legal costs associated with the sale of the property
  • Guaranteed sales: you have the peace of mind that the sale is secure and will not fall through
  • No chain – With only Quick Move Properties below your buyer, you do not need to worry about the usual issue of buyers dropping out further down the chain. This gives you valuable time you would have spent chasing the sale through to focus on selling more homes
  • Flexibility – we pride ourselves on our flexibility and are happy to adapt the scheme to best suit your business

The part exchange process in three simple steps….

Step 1: Submit application form
Submit the form to Quick Move Properties. Your customer can do this themselves or you can do it on their behalf.

Step 2: Agree offer
You will receive a part exchange offer from Quick Move Properties in writing, including information such as expected resale value, comparable examples and market conditions. You then decide any top ups or discounts that you would like to add to this offer and then present it to the customer.

Step 3: Agree completion date
If your customer wishes to proceed, you just need to agree the completion date and we will work to it. This can be as little as 7 days to as long as is needed; we can be as flexible as you need us to be!

The vendor is then free to purchase your home! A win-win situation!