Celebrate 2018 with Quickmove!

2018 marks a very exciting milestone for Quickmove Properties as we celebrate two decades of helping customers buy new homes. At the end of the last century our first office in Wiltshire specialised in managing property part exchange deals for retirement developers.

20 years later, our home exchange programme has been used by nearly 7,000 home buyers and our park home buying service now helps people with the entire process of buying on private retirement developments – from finding the perfect park to negotiating deals with park operators on behalf of buyers!

Steve Appleby

Quickmove Chairman Steve Abbley in the 1990’s, 2000’s and today

Signs of the times

Of course, the UK property market was very different 20 years ago. Adjusted for inflation, the average 1998 price of a home in the UK was a very affordable £105,766, that’s half of today’s asking price of £209,971! Also developers were building a range of property types, in contrast with today’s focus on apartments and flats.

Interestingly, 7% of new build properties were bungalows back then, however this has reduced to less than 1% today according to the National House Building Council, mainly because multi-storey dwellings generate greater profits for developers than land-hungry bungalows. Homebuyers in or approaching retirement will struggle to find affordable bricks and mortar bungalows, which is why the emergence of luxury park homes offer a viable alternative.

Bungalow-style park home solution

More and more people are making the switch to the park home lifestyle. Modern homes are built to exacting standards and regulations, with luxurious furnishings throughout, meaning that downsizing can even enhance your lifestyle.

With 20 years experience, Quickmove can provide you with experienced advice and professional services to help ease the transition towards the next step in your life.

So if you’re considering a park home move in 2018, join Quickmove and we can help you move and celebrate this big year together!