How do I buy a park home?

If you’re thinking about buying a residential park home (or ‘mobile home’ as they used to be called) you may be wondering where to start? Our helpful guide will set you on the right path and help you start your journey to your new home.

How do I buy a park home? Is a park home the right home for me?

Before you go any further, it’s important to ask yourself whether a park home is the right home for you? There are many benefits to living in a residential park home, including:

Affordability – residential park homes are usually considerably more affordable that an equivalent bricks and mortar property in the same location.
Community and quality of life – many residential parks have age restrictions and as a result you’re likely to be surrounded by likeminded individuals with a similar lifestyle. This offers a great community that is sadly lacking from most neighbourhoods these days, and in many parks there are social activities and clubs arranged to help and encourage the residents to form new friendships.

Safety and security – because many residential park residents are retired or semi-retired, a significant proportion of the homes are occupied during the day, which means crime rates are comparatively lower than in a standard residential property.
Low maintenance living – because residential park homes are ‘leasehold’ properties, the park owner is responsible for much of the grounds upkeep. Most residential park homes will come with a small manageable garden and because the properties themselves are usually low-maintenance, single storey dwellings, they require significantly less maintenance than a standard brick-built family property.

What can I afford?

It can be difficult deciding what you can afford before knowing exactly what equity you have in your existing property. If you have significant equity in your current property, part exchange can be a great option – the sale of your current property and the purchase of your new property are timed together perfectly to result in a smooth and stress-free move, you don’t have any upfront fees to pay (no solicitor’s or estate agency fees), the sale of your existing property is guaranteed and best of all you’ll know from the very start what price you’ll be achieving from your current property which will enable you to accurately budget for the purchase of your new home.

If you don’t have sufficient equity in your property to cover the cost of your new home, specialist lending may be available, though this tends to be on a shorter term agreement than a traditional bricks and mortar mortgage.

Where would I like to live?

There are more than 2,000 different residential parks around the UK to choose from, so whether you’re looking for quiet countryside, breath-taking coastal scenery or a park in a vibrant and friendly town, you’re sure to find a home to suit.

How do I choose which model of park home I want to live in?

There are some great shows that you can attend, and park home publications that you can read, to gather a wide range of information about different residential parks and park home models. You can also do some independent online research of different park locations and people’s experiences at different parks.

If all that sounds a bit confusing and overwhelming, you can simple give Quick Move Properties a call! Quick Move Properties has been involved in the park home industry for nearly 20 years and work extensively with both park operators and park home manufacturers. Simply tell Quick Move Properties where in the country you’d like to live and they will set about finding you the perfect park and property. They will then handle the sale of your existing property and support you all the way through to moving day. Because they have such extensive experience in the park home industry, but are not associated with one particular park or manufacturer, you can be sure you’re getting independent, objective advice and support, and that Quick Move Properties are working to offer you the best possible package.

Mr Deacon, who recently used Quick Move Properties part exchange service to buy his new park home, says: “We were attracted to the idea of property part exchange because of the security it offers; you don’t have to line everything up as you would with a normal sale and purchase, and there is less risk attached to the process as well, for example we knew our buyer was not going to drop out last minute. I saw an article about Quick Move Properties’ part exchange service, called the number and the process began.

“The team at Quick Move Properties were always polite and helpful and I always felt that they had our best interest at heart…we couldn’t have asked for more, and we are very, very happy with both the park and our new home.

“By working with Quick Move Properties we were able to get the park and the home we wanted within the budget we had. For us, the whole process was stress-free and the best move we have ever made.”

Request a Viewing or Part-Exchange Quotation

Quickmove can find you a park and home from their network of recommended developments nationwide, including Oakwood Court in Hampshire. They can also provide a no-obligation part-exchange illustration based on your property details.

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