What does Brexit mean for the leisure home industry?

Many in the UK are still in shock at the outcome of last week’s EU referendum. Even those fervently campaigning to leave the EU were taken by surprise when the results started coming in. Now that the dust is starting to settle and the reality of the situation is beginning to sink in, we’re looking ahead to what the unexpected results could mean for the UK leisure home industry.

Experts seem to be in agreement that there are many ways in which the vote to leave is likely to make life in the UK more challenging, certainly in the short term. The pound has already weakened considerably, and there are growing fears of rises in unemployment and the cost of fuel and goods. But, it seems Brexit could provide new opportunities for the UK leisure home industry.

UK ‘staycations’ have already seen a rise in popularity in recent years – according to a national newspaper 72 per cent of British holidaymakers chose to stay in the UK in 2015. With the weakening of the pound and the resulting damage to exchange rates, UK holidays have become an even more attractive prospect, both for UK residents and our European neighbours. This offers leisure home owners, who run holiday lets, a great opportunity to grow their business and reach a new market.

With this in mind, the purchase of a UK leisure home is also likely to be an increasingly attractive prospect, both as an investment and for personal use. This could be great news for leisure home manufacturers and leisure park operators.

Ultimately, the times ahead are largely unknown and it is difficult for anyone to make certain statements about what lies ahead, but now that we know the outcome of the referendum it is up to us, as an industry to look for opportunities among the challenges.