Assisted Move

Assisted Move

  • What is Assisted Move?
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Quick Move Properties are helping people achieve a smoother move with our new Assisted Move!

Assisted Move scheme are different to our Part Exchange schemes but are still an effective way of securing your onward purchase without the hassle associated with the open market.

The aim of Assisted Move is to take the hassle and the up-front costs out of moving to your new residential park home or new build.

Assisted Move, which is available to anyone interested in buying a residential park home, new build or second hand retirement home allows movers to use the capital from their existing home to secure their move without requiring any cash up-front, facilitating a quick, smooth and hassle-free move.

Choose your dream location: Simply tell Quick Move Properties where you’d like to live and the team will set about finding the perfect residential park to suit you.

Choose your dream home: Quick Move Properties will help you choose the park home to suit your needs, budgets and timescales. Because of the relationships we have established with the manufacturers, we are able to secure your new home in a much shorter time-frame than normal, meaning delays are a thing of the past! What’s more, all of the units can be tailored as long as the specification is confirmed 12 weeks before delivery to site.

Financing the move: Quick Move Properties will work along side an independent estate agent to sell your existing bricks and mortar property. The funds from the sale will then be used to cover your onward purchase and hopefully you’ll have some left over to enjoy your new life!

It really is that easy! You select your desired property and location and leave the hard work to us!

By using Quick Move Properties’ Assisted Move scheme you eradicate the normal fees associated with selling a property and save thousands of pounds!

  • Independent, unbiased advice for FREE! We have your best interests at heart, and you are under no obligation at any point
  • Quick Move Properties pay your estate agents fees
  • Quick Move Properties pay your solicitor fees
  • No deposit to pay for your onward park home

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