Quick ChainFix for Estate Agents

The house selling process in the UK normally involves a chain of transactions with at least 3 or 4 dependent moves. If any one of these encounters a problem, the whole chain can fail, costing buyers £000’s or at the very least suffer serious delays. Industry statistics suggest that, in practice, one in three chains collapse, prompting many vendors to sell directly to quick sale companies.

That’s why Quick Move Properties have developed the Quick ChainFix service especially for estate agents. Due to our financial security and industry experience we can support you by making a CASH OFFER for the broken or missing link to make the chain proceedable again. This avoids the stressful re-marketing of vendor properties while protecting your original agent fees. What’s more you can claim a further fee if that property is located in your area and sold on by your agency.

Why Estate Agents use Quick Move Properties

You can trust us as we’re the only quick sale company that NEVER deals direct with the vendor, preferring to work from Estate Agent introductions. This means no conflict of interest as we won’t compete for the business and you could double your fees on every transaction.

shutterstock_60209374How it works

  • Agent registers initial details to Quick Move Properties
  • Within 24 hours of receiving full details, we make a no-obligation Cash offer to buy the property, typically around 85% of market value.
  • If necessary, the agent re-negotiates across the chain to spread the financial impact of this shortfall – a process that’s easy to manage using our online Quick ChainFix
  • After accepting the offer and completing the sale to Quick Move Properties, you can then receive the original agreed commission from the vendor.
  • What’s more, if you cover the area and sell the property onwards on our behalf you will receive a FURTHER 1.5% agent fee from Quick Move Properties on completion. That’s two commissions on one property, with no obligation or cost on your part!


Quick Move Properties do not buy houses at full market value – instead a discount will be applied, typically in the region of 15%. However, the cost of this discount is spread across some or all of the other property transactions in the chain.  Our easy-to-use ready reckoner is available on request to help estate agents manage this re-negotiation process, calculating selling price reductions and ensuring that chain completions happen as planned.


We pride ourselves on our flexible approach, so why not give us a try next time you need a quick and hassle-free sale. Our experienced and professional Estate Agent Business Specialist Mark O’Dwyer will be delighted to help.

Call: 01793 840917

Email: mark.o’dwyer@quickmoveproperties.co.uk


Quick ChainFix Property Registration

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Terms and Conditions

  • Quick Move Properties reserves the right to re-market on a multi-agency basis, paying standard 1.5% commission to selling agent only.
  • Property must be mortgageable on re-sale.
  • All commission payments and transactions subject to contract.