What are the advantages of living in a Park Home vs. Retirement Flat?

park home vs. retirement flat

Fast approaching retirement age and wondering what your housing options are? Deciding on a retirement property is a personal choice and depending on your lifestyle, age and financial circumstances there are options to consider, with a modern park home development is becoming ever more popular with people nearing retirement age.

For thousands of people, the security, peace of mind, and a delightful living environment are just some of the benefits of living on a park home development. What’s more, moving to a residential park can mean swapping busy urban life for a peaceful place in the country or coast and becoming part of a friendly, like-minded community.

Here, we’ve put together what are considered to be the main advantages of buying a property on a modern park home development compared to a traditional retirement flat so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you in your retirement.


Safe and Security

If feeling safe and secure in your home is a top priority for you, then a park home development can provide exactly that. Unlike retirement flats situated near busy city centres, park home developments give incredible security and peace-of-mind and make homeowners feel completely safe. Detached park homes are also ‘socially-distanced’ by design, meaning you can avoid close-contact with neighbours if you need to.

Many parks are also gated and have park managers that regularly visit, providing residents with the reassurance they are never truly alone. What’s more, there’s also a neighbourly sense of community on park home developments. Most people know and look out for one another; there are also often park wardens living on site who can provide help when needed.

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Community and Quality of Life

The biggest selling point for many park home residents is the community spirit and quality of life on offer. Many parks have community activities and social events to get involved with, and you can be as involved in these community pursuits as much as you like, which is great for retirees who love to socialise. Activities organised and run by residents include bingo events, societies, art clubs and line dancing.

If you’re a bit reserved about meeting new people, sometimes it’s just nice to step out of your home, have a quick chat with others on a short walk around the park. A simple ‘good morning’ from your neighbours can make all the difference, especially if you live on your own.



Mobility can become a concern as we grow older, so finding a home that will suit your changing needs is a top priority when choosing a retirement property. Park homes are detached single-storey structures, which means there’s no need to worry about stairs or access becoming a problem. They are sold fully furnished with luxury modern appliances, they are energy efficient, warm, cosy and well sound insulated.

Unlike traditional bricks and mortar retirement flats which are built to standard specification, new park homes can be built bespoke to suit your requirements, from wheelchair ramps to widening doorways. You can futureproof your home for complete peace of mind, ensuring you retain your independence and quality of life for as long as possible.

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Communal Leisure Facilities

One of the biggest selling point for park home developments is they offer their own onsite facilities for residents. Several developments such as those from RoyaleLife have leisure facilities such as coffee lounges, gyms, swimming pools, licensed clubhouses and large attractive gardens. These social areas provide a great opportunity for residents to socialise and build lasting friendships, preventing them from falling into loneliness and loss of contact with neighbours.

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Advantages at a glance…

Retirement flats are typically located close to loud, busy city centres. Park home developments are located in quiet and peaceful rural, away from the noise and Hussle of everyday life.
Retirement flats can be extremely difficult to sell and can often depreciate in value quickly. They single-storey and accessible which means there’s no need to worry about stairs becoming a challenge in the future.
Over time, retirement flats can incur high service charges and ground rent. They are the ideal size for retirement and easy to maintain.
Some people believe retirement flats are far too restrictive and don’t allow for the freedom to live independently. They’re located in secure, social communities which offers enhanced independent quality of life for like-minded individuals.


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