Why are modern park home developments the safest places to live?

couple walking in park home development

As we grow older, it becomes increasingly important to find a place where feel safe for our wellbeing. We all want to live in a in safe place, which is secure and comfortable, and which allows us to relax in our retirement. Your home is often where you spend the most time, so it is important you choose a place which provides you with complete peace of mind.

Compared to traditional housing estates, park home developments offer an increased sense of security and privacy. Most residential parks are gated and inhabited by residents who are of similar age and have similar interests. Park homes provide a great option for those searching for an environment where they can be surrounded by like-minded individuals, which is safe and comfortable. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top reasons living in a modern park home is one of the safest housing options for you.

couple walking in park home development

Gated communities


Most residential parks have a secure, gated entrance with CCTV to provide you with the peace of mind you need. Residents and their guests gain access to the park with a code or key fob, removing the risk of unauthorised visitors entering the park. What more, park staff will always keep a close eye on who enters and leave the park.

Like-minded neighbours


Park home sites by nature have a very neighbourly community feel, something that you might not otherwise enjoy when living in a traditional housing estate. People know each other and look out for one another. This close-knit community ensures you feel safe living in a friendly environment as you grow older.

What’s more, with other residents living nearby, park home owners say they love the fact they can ‘lock up and leave’ knowing that their neighbours and park manager will keep an eye on their property.

Secluded location


Downsizing to a park home often means swapping what may be a busy city life for one in a peaceful part of the countryside. Living in a rural area provides a layer of privacy and security as there are fewer people around and fewer cars passing by. If you prefer privacy from your neighbours, park homes are ideal as they are detached and therefore socially distanced by design, meaning you can avoid close contact with neighbours if you choose to.


Security on site


For your peace of mind, most residential parks have wardens on site. The wardens provide security and look after the residents of the park should you require any assistance when the day time staff are not at work. Often this will be at night. They will monitor park life and if anything looks unusual, they will check it out to make sure everything is in order. Reports of anti-social behaviour on residential parks are extremely rare.


Age requirement

The minimum age requirement for most residential park home sites is 45 or 50. This means park home residents are of similar age and outlook, and typically looking to enjoy a certain style of lifestyle offered by these modern developments. Living in a park home you will also be less likely to have to deal with noisy neighbours causing disruptions.

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