Top tips for selling a park home

Are you looking to sell your park home? Before you do, we recommend reading this simple guidance to help maximise your property’s appeal and potential value to buyers. Following these simple tips, you should be able to complete your sale quickly and without hassle. These best practices have been crafted following 20 years of successful marketing and will help prepare your park home for valuation, photography and viewings.

Think about curb appeal


We all know how important first impressions are. Most viewers make up their minds before even seeing inside the property, so you’ll need to scrutinise the outside of your property, looking for issues that could affect both the value of the sale and the attractiveness for potential buyers. For example, make sure the garden and patio area is tidy and leaves are swept away. Any peeling paint or wood should be touched up if necessary.

Ensure your property is in good condition


When selling a park home, make sure the interiors are spotless. Even if you are not living there, you must maintain a high level of cleanliness to ensure that the park home has its best appearance. You may need to clean windows, hover carpets, and dust regularly.

Clutter is one of the most common deterrents for potential buyers. Removing clutter will make the property feel bigger and allow viewers to see how the property would look if they were living there. Balance is important, leave some belongings so that buyers can get some ideas of what they might do with the space.

Repair Fixtures and fittings


We’re all guilty of putting off repairs because the issue doesn’t bother us, but anyone who moves into the property will expect everything to function properly. This is an excellent time to finish those odd jobs you’ve been putting off. Make sure to inspect every room of the property to see if any issues need to be addressed.


Make the home look light and airy


To ensure adequate lighting for photos and viewings, open your curtains, blinds and internal doors to let as much natural light into the home as possible. Not only does this allow for a greater amount of light in the room, but it also helps to show the flow of the rooms.


Checklist for making your property show-ready

Get your park home ready to sell using our simple & easy checklist. Click here to view and get your property show-home ready.

Choosing a specialist to help sell your park home

Quickmove Properties understands that selling a property can be quite a stressful experience. When selling a park home it may require additional industry knowledge that only a park home specialist can provide. When searching for a company to help you sell, do your research and make sure to use a company with a track record of successful park home sales and excellent customer service, e.g. Quickmove!


Why should you sell with Quickmove rather than an estate agent?

If you choose to instruct Quickmove to help you sell, you’ll be dealing with a reputable park home specialist with over 20 years of experience selling property effectively and a 5-star customer service rating. We gathered the top 3 reasons why selling your park home Quickmove provides a better option to you than selling using a standard High St. agency.

  • We provide immediate access to buyers – Quickmove customers who are registered for homes in your area are made aware of your property coming to market.
  • We offer extensive marketing exposure – Benefit from promotion on property portals, Quickmove website and social media. Properties also feature in weekly newsletters to over 7,000 buyer email addresses.
  • We are experienced, industry specialists – Enjoy peace of mind that your property sale is in the hands of experienced professionals.

If you’d like more information or to discuss your property going on the market with Quickmove, please click here.

Advantages at a glance

With our no sale – no fee agreement there are no up-front costs Some agents and online sites require a listings fee is paid up front
Get immediate access to thousands of qualified buyers, searching for park homes nationwide Access to buyers who are mainly looking for local ‘bricks and mortar’
Support from Quickmove specialists with significant industry expertise Knowledge and expertise on park homes may be limited
Properties for sale are given extensive marketing exposure on multiple property portals, website and park home social media Listing on property portals and agent website alone may limit the reach of advertising.

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