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Why You’ll Never Be Lonely on a Residential Park!

At least 1 in 5 people who move to residential parks do so on their own, meaning there’s plenty of other singletons to make friends with! And far from being lonely, new residents soon settle into the supportive community lifestyle and like-mindedness that’s a feature of modern residential park home developments. Find out why more and more singletons are making the move…

Receive a friendly welcome from day one

Park staff and residents have plenty of experience of making new residents feel welcome as soon as they move in. After all, everyone’s been a ‘new neighbour’ at some point! Above shows Deb from Quickmove welcoming Jean to her park home in Northampton.

Members of the community help each other out, such as picking up prescriptions, sharing lifts and shopping, or even walking the dog if you’re out for the day and checking on things when you’re away.

Join in the active social scene

Many parks offer activities and you can be as involved in these community pursuits as much as you like. Modern developments such as those from RoyaleLife offer leisure facilities and an active social scene, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Activities organised and run by residents themselves include quiz nights, live music, bingo events, golf societies, art clubs and line dancing! These are often organised on the thriving community social media groups.

If you’re a bit reserved about launching yourself into a lot of social activity that’s fine. Sometimes it’s just nice to step out of your home, have a quick chat with others on a short walk around the park or even just pottering about in your garden. A simple ‘good morning’ from your neighbours can make all the difference, especially when you live on your own.

Safe and Secure

Then there is the aspect of security – many parks are gated and have park managers that regularly visit. There may even be a neighbourhood watch on the park. As residents will be familiar with the park, anything that looks unusual or concerning, they will be there to check it out and make sure everything is in order.

There may be times when you need a little extra help. The little things neighbours help each other with can make a massive difference, picking up prescriptions, helping each other with lifts and shopping, or even walking the dog if you’re out for the day!

With years of knowledge, practical experience and good will around you, whatever you need help with you’ll probably find it, and if you have a particular skill which others need or enjoy, you’ll probably find yourself particularly popular!

55 year old couple enjoying new lifestyle after park home downsize move

Family Friendly

While life on a park may sound insular, you don’t have to exclude anyone you want to see and who doesn’t live on the park. Family and friends are often welcomed, and part of a wider recognised community of visitors. If you’re used to having the grandchildren stay, most parks welcome short stays, especially as park homes usually have second bedrooms and bathrooms.

Purpose-built for Singles

Its worth pointing out that affordable ‘Single’ homes like the Tingdene Hayden Classic above are often popular for lone buyers on park homes – typically these are 40x14ft, rather than 40x20ft, yet with all the luxurious fittings of the larger formats.

What are you waiting for?

Many people who move to a modern park home development are making a fresh start. Thanks to the welcoming and friendly atmosphere you’ll soon feel confident to make connections with other residents, so why delay?

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