Britain’s 32 most exclusive coastal locations where homes command up to 89% more

Britain’s 32 most exclusive coastal locations where homes command up to 89% more

Research by park home selling specialists Quickmove Properties, has revealed which of Britain’s favourite seaside locations are home to the most exclusive coastal housing markets, with house price premiums sitting as high as 89% when compared to the wider areas in which they are located.

This suggests that moving to one of these sought after locations would be reserved for the millionaire set. However, several of these hotspots by the sea are also home to modern park home developments recommended by Quickmove!

Quickmove analysed property prices in 100 of Britain’s favourite seaside towns, looking at how they compare to the wider local authority, before revealing the 32 most exclusive that command a house price premium.

The research shows that, on average, living in one of these 32 exclusive coastal locations will set you back an average of £375,186, 19% more than the average price of purchasing across the wider local authorities these seaside locations are located within.

Top of the table is Devon’s Salcombe, with the average house price in the TQ8 postcode coming in at £739,455, 89% higher than the average cost of a home in South Hams.

The Dorset postcode of BH13, home to the prestigious seaside community of the Sandbanks, is also home to an average house price of £599,547. That’s 71% higher than the wider average of £350,505 found across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Padstow ranks third, with homes in the PL28 postcode commanding 62% more in the current market versus the wider Cornwall average.

The affordable route to purchasing a property in Britain’s most exclusive seaside towns

Many of Quickmove’s best park home developments are found at coastal locations and can offer a significantly more affordable pathway to seaside homeownership.

For example, we compared four parks across the South that are located close to Hotspots in the Top 32.

  • Location of homes

  • Whitstable
  • Bude
  • Chirstchurch
  • Lymington
  • Av. Park Home Price
  • £312,000
  • £241,000
  • £243,000
  • 370,000
  • Av. Brick House Price
  • £391,758
  • £320,894
  • £387,819
  • £493,125
  • Park Home Saving (£)
  • -£79,758
  • -£79,894
  • -£144,819
  • -£123,125
  • Park Home Saving (%)
  • -20.4%
  • -24.9%
  • -37.3%
  • -33.3%

Click here to view our parks in Whitstable in Kent, Bude in Cornwall, Christchurch in Dorset and Milford-On-Sea, Hampshire (3 miles south of Lymington).

Sales Director at Quickmove Properties, Mark O’Dwyer, commented:

“As an island nation, we love to be beside the seaside, but across the nation’s most desirable coastal locations properties fetch an often hefty price premium due to high demand and limited stock.

For most homebuyers, this means the prospect of a beach adjacent property is beyond their reach but for those looking to downsize in their later years, there is a more affordable option that allows a coastal lifestyle without compromise.

Many modern park home developments are sited on former holiday parks, across some of the nation’s best coastal locations. Park home residents often describe the lifestyle as like being on holiday every day! These bungalow-style properties provide a far more affordable option compared to the bricks and mortar market.

So if you want to feel the sand between your toes without spending over the odds, a park home is certainly a worthwhile consideration.”

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