Park home downsizers relocate 5 times further away than bricks and mortar home movers

Park home downsizers relocate 5 times further away than bricks and mortar home movers

The latest data released by park home selling specialists Quickmove Properties, has revealed just how far silver downsizers are moving when swapping their life in bricks and mortar for a park home, as well as their most popular destinations of choice.

Quickmove Properties analysed each park home purchase made over the last 18 months looking at the distance and destination travelled based on the original postcode of the buyer and the postcode of their new park home.

The data shows that since the start of 2022, the average park home purchase has seen buyers move an average of 50 miles from their original bricks and mortar property, that’s 5.6 times further than the average bricks and mortar home mover.

When it comes to the furthest distance travelled, it’s those heading to park homes north of the border that top the table, travelling an average of 302 miles to Scottish park home sites since the start of 2022.

Park home buyers heading to the North West have travelled an average of 74 miles, while those relocating to the South West also moved 74 miles away from their original property.

Those purchasing a park home in the East Midlands (47), Wales (44), the East of England (43) and the South East (40) have also travelled 40 miles or more from their original bricks and mortar property.

However, when it comes to park home popularity, the South West tops the table by quite some margin. Of all park home moves to have taken place since the start of 2022, 37% of buyers have headed to the South West.

The East of England is the second most popular region, accounting for 29% of all park home purchases, with the South East also seeing a significant proportion at 25%.

Sales Director at Quickmove Properties, Mark O’Dwyer, commented:

“The average homeowner doesn’t tend to stray far from their original property when moving home and this is usually down to the fact that they want to remain within reach of friends, family and their existing community.

However, those making the move to a modern residential park tend to travel a far greater distance as most sites are located within coastal or rural communities and so their quest for a relaxing, holiday-style environment in which to enjoy their later years takes them further than they may have otherwise moved.

At the same time, those moving to a park home generally have fewer ties that keep them tethered to a particular location, due to being in, or approaching retirement and their children having long since flown the nest.

What’s more, park home sites offer a ready-made community which can entice silver downsizers further than they may otherwise have considered to begin with.”

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