One in seven renters break tenancy agreement

One in seven renters has broken at least one rule set out in their tenancy agreement, according to new research.  Paying their rent late, or not at all, topped the list of bad behaviour, with 25% of rule breakers.  Smoking in the property was the second most common offense, with more than one in five of those breaking the rules admitting to lighting up.  Keeping a pet in the property completed the top three, with 18% of rule breakers.  Worryingly, more than 20% of tenants said their landlord never found out about their rule breaking.

Rules broken by tenants
 Failing to pay rent on time (or at all)25%
 Smoking in the property 21%
 Keeping a pet in the property 18%
 Damaging or making alterations to the premises 17%
 Changing the locks 16%
 Caused disturbances or a nuisance to the neighbouring properties 14%
 Sublet a room without notifying the landlord 14%
 Failed to clean accessible windows 13%
 Redecorated without permission 12%
 Failed to check smoke or carbon monoxide alarm 10%








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