Where silver singles have the best chance of finding love

Where silver singles have the best chance of finding love

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The latest research by downsizing specialists Quickmove Properties has revealed where across the nation is home to the highest percentage of Over 50’s who are single.

It also reveals how downsizing to a modern park home development could be ideal if you’re single, interested in ‘over 50’s dating’ or just looking to revitalise your social life.

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When it comes to the best chance of finding another singleton, the London Borough of Islington is home to the highest percentage of singles in the land, with 72% of the population classed as such. Outside of London, Norwich ranks top, where 67% of the population are estimated to be single.

Finding love can be a tough task at any age, but it can be particularly difficult for the over-50s, many of whom are embarking on the journey for a second time following divorce or the loss of a loved one.

In fact, the analysis by Quickmove Properties shows that while 39% of all over-50s in England and Wales are classed as single, just 12% are yet to find love for the first time. In contrast to the wider population, a higher proportion are either divorced (14%) or widowed (13%).

London is again home to some of the highest levels of single over-50s, while outside of the capital it’s Manchester, Norwich, Liverpool, Brighton and Blackpool that are home to the most ‘silver singles’.

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One place where over-50s are finding love is within the like-minded park home community. Data from Quickmove Properties shows that over the last eight years, 43% of park home buyers downsizing to a park have been single.

The gender split is fairly even making it a level playing field when trying to find love, with women accounting for an average of 52% of all single park home buyers since 2016, while men accounted for 48%. However, in the last two years, single women have flocked to park home communities, accounting for 59% of single buyers in 2022 and 63% in 2023.

These close knit communities are a welcoming place for those in later life to not only downsize and release equity, but to meet like minded others, many of whom have also found themselves newly single due to divorce or bereavement.

Residential Park Homes for sale at Gateforth Park, Vale Of York, Yorkshire

One such couple is Maureen and Pete, who met at their park home development in Cambridgeshire. Maureen initially retired to the site in 2014 with her husband after they sold their post office in the Cotswolds.

After a wonderful five years, Maureen’s husband fell ill and sadly died in November 2019 after 43 years of marriage. Maureen initially filled the void with the company of her dog and the close community of friends she had made after moving to her park home development.

It was this close community spirit that then saw her strike up a relationship with neighbour Pete.

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Pictured: Maureen and Pete

Pete had also sadly lost his wife in April the same year and while they didn’t know each other well to begin with, Pete called by to offer his support having recently been through the same experience and the two soon found common ground and comfort together.

Maureen said “You find silly things difficult, like shopping for one and eating alone. So Pete and I started to shop and cook together and our relationship developed from that.

As we gradually got to know each other, we went on a few holidays together. We both had very good marriages and still have very fond memories and we talked about our partners a lot which also helped us bond.

It’s rather nice and now we’ve decided to sell up and buy a place together with the help of Quickmove who managed to sell my home in just three days after it had been on the market with a local agent for some time.

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With the help of Quickmove’s Park Finding Service, Maureen and Pete now plan to purchase a park home together in Elvington, North Yorkshire, so that they can still enjoy the community lifestyle and Maureen can be closer to her daughter and sisters.

When asked about why they enjoy the park home lifestyle Maureen said…

“It’s quite comforting to have a small community like ours, which has only 23 houses. You’ve always got someone you know to help out. And likewise, you can help other people. So, yes, we’re really attracted to the close knit community that park home living provides.”

In the meantime, the couple has decided it’s never too late to tie the knot.

“We decided to get married when we move to York and we may even come back down and have a bit of a party for our friends here.”

Residential Park Homes for sale at Elvington Park, York, North Yorkshire

Pictured: The park near York where Maureen and Pete are moving to.


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