This article compiles our Top 11 reasons why more home-owners than ever are downsizing to modern residential parks.

The strong sense of community and luxury homes mean residents thrive in their later years. Brand new park homes are low maintenance, come fully-furnished and are built to the required standard for permanent residence. Read on to find out why a residential park home could be your next move.

11 reasons to buy a park home

This article compiles our Top 11 reasons why more home-owners than ever are downsizing to modern residential parks.

The strong sense of community and luxury homes mean residents thrive in their later years. Brand new park homes are low maintenance, come fully-furnished and are built to the required standard for permanent residence. Read on to find out why a residential park home could be your next move.

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1. Downsize to release equity

Did you know, Quickmove customers release on average £128,000* when they move from a bricks and mortar house to a park home?

Some immediately re-invest all the cash, while many purchase their holiday of a lifetime, or buy a modern new electric or high-powered car. Sometimes an amount is gifted to family members or simply enjoyed as a cushion for the retirement they dreamed of. According to the research, 27% of customers chose to save or invest their funds to enjoy a relaxing retirement.

To find out how much your move could release, request a no obligation valuation today on 0800 328 2168.

* Source: 2022 to 2023 analysis

2. Hassle-free move

If you have a house to sell before moving to your new park home, Quickmove’s Property Part Exchange service ensures a smooth move within weeks! Part-Exchange removes the risk and uncertainty associated with selling on the open market and significantly reduces the time of the moving process. Quickmove customers have noted the ease of property part exchange moves in comparison to using the open market as you don’t have to deal with making your home ready for viewings or negotiating with unrealistic buyer.

You even get to keep the keys to your house for 14 days after sale completion, so you can move at your leisure!

3. Like-minded sociable community

With most residential park home sites setting age restrictions for over 45/50’s, residents find themselves living alongside a friendly community of like-minded sociable people that share similar interests.

Residents’ associations often organise events and community activities for residents to get involved in at their own discretion. Park home sites provide a sense of exclusivity and community, unlike traditional housing developments allowing residents to maintain a sociable lifestyle.

1 in 5 people who move to residential parks do so on their own, meaning there are lots of other single people to make friends with!

4. Safe and peaceful living

Typically, residential park home developments put security measures in place to offer residents peace of mind. This can range from a full gated entrance to CCTV or an on-site park warden to increase the sense of security on park. Park home developments provide residents with a sense of security, with like-minded neighbours looking out for each other.

A 2023 survey by Quickmove found that 90% of residents stated they felt safe living within their residential park.

Read more on why parks are some of the safest places to live.

5. Fully-furnished luxury

Brand new park homes boast state-of-the-art appliances, modern furnishings and stylish exteriors. Some parks also have plots available for you to choose your home and can offer bespoke extras to ensure the home is perfect for you. Park homes can also be altered to aid wheelchair users, with the addition of ramps or wider doors to make life easier. Typically, modern park homes have two bedrooms and bathrooms, with larger models including a study, utility room or walk-in wardrobe. These can often be included when customising a home! With the luxury finish of park homes, it’s no wonder 61% of Quickmove customers wished they made the move to a residential park earlier with 83% stating they would recommend the luxury lifestyle to others.

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6. Easy to maintain garden

Park homes come with easily maintained outdoor spaces, perfect for tubs, baskets, and patio plants so you can still enjoy your green-fingered hobby with a manageable garden area. Residents enjoy relaxing in their garden without having to spend lots of time on maintenance. Some parks even have communal areas for residents to enjoy together, including communal gardens, dog walking areas or BBQ areas.

Quickmove run the Park Home Gardener of the Year award to showcase how residents make the most of smaller garden spaces.

7. Perfect for pets

Pet friendly parks provide the ideal, safe environment for furry friends. With local walking routes and expanses of open space for pets to explore, it’s no wonder dog owners thrive after their park home move. With most parks located within the countryside, parks and the surrounding open space are a perfect place to go on long dog walks. Giving residents the opportunity to go out and explore the surroundings as well as making friends with other dog owners! The garden space outside of homes ensures your pets have somewhere to relax outside and the safe environment bring peace of mind to residents that their pets are safe too.

Browse our range of pet friendly parks.

8. Enjoy an active lifestyle

Parks are often ideally located in the countryside or along the coast to make the most of the great outdoors. Walking and cycling routes allow residents to maintain an active lifestyle, while some parks are situated near golf courses, fishing lakes, or even national parks.

In a 2023 survey by Quickmove, 75% of park residents agreed that living on a residential park was like being on holiday every day! The rural or coastal locations of park home communities encourages this active, healthy way of living.

9. Low cost living

Residents gain a financial benefit after downsizing to a park home through the reduction in maintenance and running costs. In a 2022 Quickmove survey to park residents, two-thirds of respondents agreed that downsizing was a smart financial decision and that energy bills had reduced. Modern insulation and energy efficient appliances mean lower bills, while home maintenance costs and Council Tax are also lower, being usually band A or B. The design of park homes means you are no longer heating rooms that don’t get used. They are well insulated, retaining daytime heat throughout the night but remaining cool in the summer.

10. Homes, built to last

According to Goldshield, a modern park home could last up to 70–80 years when maintained properly. These modern, state of the art luxury properties are built in UK factories to the British Standard required for permanent residence. Homes also benefit from improved insulation and advanced window and door glazing. This all leads to less wear and tear, meaning homes retain a high-quality with little maintenance and cleaning needed.

For more information, read our article on the lifespan of a park home.

11. Hassle free living

Moving to a more manageable, single-level property lessens the amount of property maintenance needed. This reduces the cost and time implications associated with maintenance of larger properties and allows park residents to enjoy the relaxing lifestyle without the pressures of managing a larger house. Homes are also easily maintained due to the use of modern technology and easy to clean materials.

Buying a brand-new home also means nothing needs updating or decorating when you move in! Leaving you more money to enjoy your new lifestyle.

Read more for top tips on easy park home maintenance

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