Top tips for easy park home maintenance

One of the main benefits of living in a park home is the low level of upkeep needed, compared to a bricks-and-mortar property. However, regular maintenance and touch-ups can extend the lifespan and quality of your park home for years to come! It will also help maintain its value and minimise depreciation in the long term.

Most maintenance jobs can be done during an annual spring clean or days in the garden but it’s worth inspecting your property after bad weather to check for damage that could worsen if left unchecked.

Here are 5 tips to keep your new home in top shape to maintain its value!

#Tip 1- Spruce up outdoor spaces


A pathway that is free of debris and dirt is less likely to cause falls or trips. Regularly brushing your pathway and exterior steps will also keep them clean and looking neat.

After the winter months, you will probably need to wash down your outdoor areas. For a deep clean, we recommend using a power washer, but a path cleaning solution also works well.

#Tip 2- Touch up exterior paint


To keep your home looking fresh, you may need to give the exterior timber a new coat of paint every few years. To ensure that the paint you use matches the colour of your home’s exterior, we recommend giving your local DIY or paint store a call to see what they recommend to find a near-identical colour.

To maintain the general appearance of your park home we recommend cleaning the exterior walls once a year; a power washer is not usually necessary as a mop and soapy water is enough! Not only will this improve the appearance of your home, but it should also enhance the lifespan of the property.


#Tip 3- Garden maintenance


Most park homes have an easy to maintain outdoor space, with Spring being the best time to tidy up flowerbeds, and plant pots and give them a good facelift. If you have a limited amount of outdoor space, you can still make your home look homely and colourful by adding plant pots, tubs, baskets and fresh flowers to window sills, tables and patio areas. If you tend to your lawn make sure it is treated annually with ‘Feed and Weed’ to ensure lush green grass all year round.

Of course, gardening is great for the body and soul and the results are usually the perfect balance of attractive and delicious, depending on what you grow of course.


#Tip 4- Clean the windows and doors


Windows and doors should be checked frequently for any issues, such as damage to seals that could cause mould or dampness. Most park home windows and doors are made from UPVC, which is very durable and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. All you need to clean them is a sponge and a bucket of warm soapy water to gently wipe down and get rid of the dirt.

Check out our blog ‘What is the lifespan of a residential park home?’ for more information on park home quality and maintenance.


#Tip 5- Check your roof and gutters

The roof on a modern park home comes with a 10-year Goldshield warranty. On the whole, roofs look after themselves but is always a good idea to make sure it is clean and free from debris. Have a quick check around your home looking at the roof, making sure there are no leaking gutters, displaced fascias, broken tiles and no growth of moss.

Ask a friendly neighbour or park manager to use a ladder to remove any build-up of dirt.

Following these tips is essential if you are looking to sell your park home. To see how Quickmove can help and to receive your free Guide to selling a Park Home please visit.

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