What is the lifespan of a residential park home?

Many people consider downsizing when their bricks and mortar family home becomes difficult to maintain, or when cash is needed for an enjoyable retirement. Moving to a modern bungalow-style park home is a viable option, but many have questions about the home itself – specifically, how long do they last for?

Today’s well-built park homes can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. According to Goldshield, a newly built park home could last as long as 70–80 years when maintained properly. Of course, the only way to prove this is by time-travelling to the end of the century, however, it’s certainly true that modern park home build quality has moved on leaps and bounds in recent years. They require very little maintenance to retain their good condition and so are perfect for releasing valuable extra time to relax in your later years!

Excellent Build Quality

All residential park homes are built in UK factories to the British Standard BS 3632 using modern materials. This standard is much higher than required for holiday homes and it is the standard required for permanent residence. The homes Quickmove promote are all brand-new and have energy efficiency in mind. Homes built with the BS 3632 standard benefit from improved insulation, have higher minimum maintainable room temperatures and the window and door glazing achieves better U-Valves. All these factors together mean less wear and tear, less heat lost in your home and you will also benefit from savings on your heating. All homes are properly insulated and finished with waterproof coatings, so you are protected from the inevitable blustery British weather.

Quickmove recommend potential buyers take a park home manufacturer factory tour, to see first-hand the craftsmanship that goes into each home at every stage of the manufacturing process. With an informative Q&A session with a panel of experts in the industry, this is a great experience for anyone considering a buying a park home as their next move.

Low level Maintenance

One of the best things about owning a park home is that the maintenance is so easy! Think about all the things you need to do for the general upkeep of a traditional home and the money you spend doing so? Tending a large gardening and maintaining a 2-level property becomes much tougher as you get older. Take a look around the interior of a modern park home.

So what maintenance is required to ensure the lifespan of your park home? Overall, the maintenance of a park home is much easier than traditional homes as they use modern technology and easy to clean materials. Modern Park Home properties are built to offer convenience, meaning you rarely need to get down on your hands and knees with any DIY jobs. You will not need to worry about structural maintenance as there is a 10-year Goldshield warranty.

When a maintenance job is required, it’s typically repainting every so often and replacing soffit boards.

All park homes must undergo gas safety and electrical checks at least once a year. Electricians can perform a PAT test to ensure your appliances are working correctly and that there is no risk of fire. Park owners will often be happy to help you find the correct tradespeople for this.

Park site owners take a lot of this off your plate. If you love the idea of moving to a peaceful and hassle-free home, a park home is perfect for you. Visit our frequently asked questions.

Let Quickmove Properties do a personalised search based on your requirements and find the perfect home for you or take a look at our find a park page.

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