Top 10 Reasons to Move to a Park Home

Residential park homes are perfect for individuals, couples and families alike and offer an opportunity to live affordably in a real community. Park homes are becoming a popular choice of property, especially for those looking to downsize or retiring.

Despite common misconceptions, modern park homes offer an exceptionally high level of practical and stylish living. Whilst the inside of a park home can offer all the mod cons in a comfortable environment; the outside can provide the owner with a quality of life that would normally be unaffordable with a counterpart bricks and mortar property!

In actual fact, most residents comment that the lifestyle you can have on a residential park is a refreshing change from the hustle, bustle and pressure of urban living. What’s more is that your neighbours will be friendly like-minded people. A real community!

These are just some of the benefits. Read on to find out what the top reasons to buy a park home are.

10 reason to consider purchasing a park home

More affordable than a bricks and mortar home

Residential park homes offer great value for money, with costs significantly lower than purchasing an equivalently sized house.
Not only are park homes more affordable than standard bricks and mortar homes, owners can also expect a comfortable and stylish new lifestyle.
Most parks are situated in stunning locations throughout the UK. You can choose to live near the sea, in secluded woodlands or picturesque countryside. There really is something for everyone!

For those looking to downsize, you can make your transition to a park home hassle free by using property part exchange. You can use the equity in your current home to secure your new park home and have a little left over to start enjoying your new life!

more affordable

A great quality of life

While there are lots of financial benefits to choosing a park home, improved quality of life is the main reason why people chose a park life!
Not only are most parks set in stunning locations, but residents also benefit from being a part of a real community. Park life offers its residence both independence as well as community spirit.

Most parks have a minimum age restriction; therefore, residents find themselves living alongside like-minded people that share the same moral principles.

offer a great quality of life

Safety and Security

Compared to urban living, park homes offer an increased level of security. Most parks are gated communities and inhabited by residents only. With other residents nearby, park home owners say they love the fact they can ‘lock up and leave’ knowing that their neighbours and park manager will keep an eye on their property. This level of security gives residents a peace of mind which is unmatchable anywhere else in today’s society.

part of a community

Low Maintenance Living

Unlike traditional bricks and mortar properties, park homes generally require very little maintenance and upkeep.
The main difference between a part home compared to a bricks and mortar property is the way in which they are built! Park homes are built under strict workshop conditions before being transported directly to the park. Park home are mainly a timber construction on a robust chassis.

There are different finishes to choose from. Traditional rendering or canexel are the two main types. Canexel is a popular finish which is regularly used in Canada. A ridged, UV safe and compound that is great for low maintenance finish.

Park homes are designed from the offset to be low maintenance!

Energy Efficient – Low energy bills!

As well as being designed to be low maintenance, modern park homes are built with energy efficiency in mind! Not only does this mean you’ll be warmer but you’ll also save money on your monthly bills!

Unlike standard bricks and mortar, insulated timber frame construction offer an effective way of keeping your home warm. Add to this the low-emission glass used for windows and doors and you’ve got yourself a very energy efficient home! All park homes are built with full central heating, most have an energy efficient combi-boilers installed.

Cheaper Council Tax Payments

The cost savings keep coming! Not only will you save money on your monthly energy bills but you’re almost guaranteed to save money on council tax too! Most park homes are in the lowest tax band!

Lots of Open Space!

Park homes offer plenty of space both on the inside and outside. Unlike some urban streets, park homes offer their residents a sizeable piece of land between homes. Most park homes have a small, manageable garden and some parks offer communal gardens for socialising.

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