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Celebrate 2018 with Quickmove

Celebrate 2018 with Quickmove!

2018 marks a very exciting milestone for Quickmove Properties as we celebrate two decades of helping customers buy new homes. At the end of the last century our first office in Wiltshire specialised in managing property part exchange deals for retirement developers.

20 years later, our home exchange programme has been used by nearly 7,000 home buyers and our park home buying service now helps people with the entire process of buying on private retirement developments – from finding the perfect park to negotiating deals with park operators on behalf of buyers!

Steve Appleby

Quickmove Chairman Steve Abbley in the 1990’s, 2000’s and today

Signs of the times

Of course, the UK property market was very different 20 years ago. Adjusted for inflation, the average 1998 price of a home in the UK was a very affordable £105,766, that’s half of today’s asking price of £209,971! Also developers were building a range of property types, in contrast with today’s focus on apartments and flats.

Interestingly, 7% of new build properties were bungalows back then, however this has reduced to less than 1% today according to the National House Building Council, mainly because multi-storey dwellings generate greater profits for developers than land-hungry bungalows. Homebuyers in or approaching retirement will struggle to find affordable bricks and mortar bungalows, which is why the emergence of luxury park homes offer a viable alternative.

Bungalow-style park home solution

More and more people are making the switch to the park home lifestyle. Modern homes are built to exacting standards and regulations, with luxurious furnishings throughout, meaning that downsizing can even enhance your lifestyle.

With 20 years experience, Quickmove can provide you with experienced advice and professional services to help ease the transition towards the next step in your life.

So if you’re considering a park home move in 2018, join Quickmove and we can help you move and celebrate this big year together!

Pension fund

Millions facing retirement income shortfall – downsizing could be key

Millions of UK workers are facing a significant shortfall in their retirement finances, according to a pension and savings association.

According to the report, almost half of the UK’s working population are failing to put enough money aside in preparation for retirement, which will have a major impact in later life.

The organisation behind the report says the introduction of auto-enrolment into workplace pensions has been a significant step forward, but still doesn’t go far enough to financially provide in retirement in many cases.

Quick Move Properties’ Patrick Chambers commented: “This report is concerning, but confirms what we hear from our customers on a daily basis.

“It’s been suggested that nearly 60 percent of over 55s now have the majority of their wealth tied up in their property, instead of in pensions and savings.

“Years ago a pension seems like a ‘safe bet’ to provide for your financial needs in retirement, but with growing financial uncertainty, rising retirement ages and less attractive saving options, property has become a more appealing and trusted option for many.

“For many, downsizing to a smaller, less expensive property in retirement is key to their financial planning. By releasing the wealth tied up in their homes, those who are already retired or approaching retirement can boost their pension pots and access a much needed boost to their retirement income.”

Of course, with many millennials struggling to get a foot on the property ladder and meet rising living costs, downsizing may be less of an option for future generations. According to the Council of Mortgage Lenders, 20 percent of homeowners say they are likely to still have an outstanding mortgage when they retire.

If you’re considering downsizing to help fund your retirement, Quick Move Properties part exchange and assisted move services could help to make your move smooth, simple and stress-free.

For more information about how Quick Move Properties could help you, call the friendly team today on: 01793 840917 or email:

Over valuing property

Homeowners unrealistic about property value, according to new report

Homeowners have overly optimistic ideas about their value of their property, according to new figures released this week.

According to a new report out, homeowners in England and Wales over-estimated the value of their homes by an average of nearly 7 percent in 2016.

It seems although homeowners are still over-optimistic, their expectations are becoming more realistic. Figures from the last four years show that in 2012 property owners were over-valuing their properties by more than 18 percent. This fell to just under 14 percent in 2013 and has continued to fall up to last year’s 6.8 percent.

Quick Move Properties’ Patrick Chambers comments: “Estimating your property’s value is tricky. It’s easy to get over-excited by national media headlines or asking price trends in your local area, but it’s important to remember that a property’s asking price is very often intentionally over-inflated, with the expectation of achieving a sale figure somewhere below that.

“If you’re looking to get a realistic idea of what your property might be worth, it’s a good idea to look at sold prices of similar properties in your area, rather than asking prices. This information is now readily available on property websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove. Of course this will only give a general idea. In order to get a more accurate idea for your individual property, invite a number of local estate agents to value your property (we would recommend no less than three). Remember, however, that estate agents will be keen to get your property on your books and have been known to over-inflate values in order to win property instructions. The best way to combat this is to ask them what price you could hope to achieve in order to attract a buyer quickly, in perhaps 2-4 weeks, and ask for their evidence or rationalisation for suggesting that figure (examples of similar properties they’ve recently sold and the price they’ve achieved etc).

“Of course if you don’t want the hassle of selling your property on the open market, Quick Move Properties can handle your house sale for you with property part exchange. We will get three local, independent estate agents to value your property and then make you a free, no-obligation offer.

“For more information about how Quick Move Properties can assist your house move, contact the team today on: 01793 840917 or email”

Leisure Lodge

Beat ‘Blue Monday’ with a UK holiday home

With ‘Blue Monday’ set to hit Britain today it’s likely that you might be feeling the post-Christmas blues at their worst.

According to Dr Cliff Arnall, who first coined the term ‘Blue Monday’ back in 2005, it’s possible to apply a mathematic equation to predict the most depressing day of the year. The equation takes into account weather conditions, post-Christmas finances, failed new year’s resolutions and lack of motivation. According to Dr Arnall, the day calculated as being the most depressing is the third Monday of January – today.

It’s usually at this time of year that many people start thinking about booking their summer holiday, as a way to combat the winter blues, but with growing global uncertainty and a weak pound on people’s minds, it’s estimated that two-thirds of Brits will be looking to stay close to home this summer.

Quick Move Properties’ Patrick Chambers comments: “It’s not unusual for people to try to escape the winter blues by planning their summer holiday, but with so much international uncertainty it’s little wonder that so many people are planning ‘staycations’ this year, instead of holidaying abroad.

“With the UK tourism industry predicted to almost double in value to £257 billion by 2025, now is a great time to not just holiday in the UK, but also to invest in a UK holiday property. With growing work stress, many UK workers are keen to make the most of every weekends and day of annual leave, and investing in your own UK holiday home is a fantastic way to do this.

“Enabling you to create a home-from-home, that can also be rented out to generate extra income when you or your family are not using it if you choose, a UK holiday home is a fantastic investment. Many luxury lodge developments throughout the UK offer a guaranteed return of around eight percent if you choose to rent your lodge out, and because they’re exempt from stamp duty you won’t have to worry about the stamp duty increases that were recently applied to the purchase of a second property.

“A holiday lodge offers the perfect UK holiday home solution; an attractive and spacious property that offers low-maintenance and hassle-free holidays whenever you wish.”

For more information about buying a UK holiday lodge, contact Quick Move Properties today on: 01793 840917 or email:

Leisure Lodge

More than one in four house sales fell through in 2016 – guarantee your move with part exchange

More than one in four house sales fell through before completion in 2016, according to new figures just released.

The same set of figures also suggest that the last three months of 2016 saw an increase in the number of property sales that fell through, with just under one in three sales failing to successfully complete.

When revealing the reasons for unsuccessful sales, the figures suggest that more than 40 percent of the sales that fell through did so because the seller pulled out of the sale to accept a higher offer from another buyer. A further 28 percent fell through because the buyer changed their mind about the property.

Patrick Chambers, Quick Move Properties’ sales director, commented: “With a shortage of available properties available in many areas, competition is strong for desirable properties, and as a result sellers seem more willing than previously to pull out of a sale if a more attractive offer comes along. Similarly, the pressure on buyers to snap up property and make impulse offers to beat the competition mean that many are having second thoughts when the sale starts to progress.

“If you’re keen to secure your move this year, and don’t want to risk the cost and hassle of a sale falling through, property part exchange offers an ideal solution.

“With property part exchange through Quick Move Properties, your move will be arranged on a date to suit you. You’ll have no estate agency fees to pay, a guaranteed sale and a hassle-free move. By making yourself chain-free with a guaranteed sale, you’ll also make yourself a highly attractive buyer, helping you to beat the competition for the most desirable properties.”

For more information about how Quick Move Properties can help you secure your move, contact the team today on: 01793 840917 or email:

Quickmove news

Future looks bright for park home industry

The future looks bright for the park home industry, as experts are predicting a seventh consecutive year of growth in 2017.

Strong end of year sales indicate strong demand for both residential park homes and UK holiday lodges moving into the new year.

Worrying affordability levels in the traditional property market are driving more enquiries to the park home sector as homeowners strive to cut their living costs, live mortgage-free and utilise the equity tied up in their traditional bricks and mortar property.

Interest in UK holiday lodges is, of course, being largely driven by growing global security concerns and a weak pound. The UK is experiencing a huge growth in the number of British people choosing to holiday closer to home, which is driving sales for both personal use and as holiday let investment opportunities.

Quick Move Properties’ sales director commented: “We’ve seen a healthy and steady increase in the number of customers looking to purchase a residential park home or UK holiday lodge moving into 2017. There are many factors at play that look set to create sustainable and long-term demand for the UK park home industry.

“Homeowners are becoming disheartened by a lack of affordable property in the traditional housing market, and a park homes are becoming an increasingly desirable yet affordable alternative to a traditional bricks and mortar property. Of course, UK holiday lodges are also proving incredibly popular as a personal purchase and as a great investment opportunity, with many sites offering guaranteed annual returns of over 8% – a figure that many traditional investments simply can’t compete with in the current financial climate.”

If you’d like more information on purchasing a residential park home or UK holiday lodge, Quick Move Properties range of services could help you find your perfect home. Contact the team today on: 01793 840917 or email:

Quickmove success

Quick Move Properties have helped many homeowners make their move this year

Could 2017 be the year they help you?

2016 has been another hugely positive year for Quick Move Properties’ customers, with lots of homeowners enjoying a quick, guaranteed, hassle-free move thanks to Quick Move Properties’ part exchange and assisted move services.

Quick Move Properties are the UK’s largest and original independent property part exchange company. As an independent service provider they are able to buy a wide range of properties that may not be considered by traditional developer part exchange services. This year Quick Move Properties have bought flats, bungalows, terraced, semi-detached and detached properties. Unlike with a developer part exchange service, Quick Move Properties will also consider properties of any value. This year they have bought properties for as little as £47,500 and as much as £900,000.

Whether you’ve already found your dream property, or are just starting to think about your next move, Quick Move Properties could offer you a simple, secure and stress-free move. With around 30% of property sales on the open market falling through before completion, property part exchange removes all of the worry and uncertainty from a house sale.

Patrick Chambers, Quick Move Properties’ sales director, explains: “Property part exchange is a fantastic way to secure your next move. With no stress, no worry, and no danger of the sale falling through, we’re able to complete the sale on a date that suits you and your future plans.

“In the last year we’ve bought nearly £15 million worth of property and helped a huge number of people to secure their new homes without any of the stresses usually associated with buying and selling property.”

If you’re thinking about moving in 2017, call Quick Move Properties on: 01793 840917 or email: to find out how their part exchange and assisted move services could help make this move the easiest one you’ve ever made.

Buy to let

5 mistakes buy-to-let investors make

A buy-to-let can be a great financial investment, but there are several common mistakes buy-to-let investors make that stop their investment being as profitable as it might be. Here are 5 common mistakes buy-to-let investors make that should be avoided.

Not researching the area
If you don’t research the area you’re considering investing in thoroughly enough, you’re unlikely to know what type of property you should be investing in. Vacant periods are costly, and can make a buy-to-let investment completely unprofitable, so it’s important to ensure your property has broad appeal and will be in high demand.

Not researching the target market
The easiest way to ensure your property is in high demand is to understand your prospective renter. If you’re targeting family renters you’ll want to ensure any outdoor space is family-friendly, if you’re property is in a popular student area you don’t want to spend lots of money on a high-end finish. Know your audience and pitch your property accordingly.

Not keeping up to date with legislative changes
Recently there have been several changes that have impacted the buy-to-let industry. A 3% stamp duty hike, tax relief changes and new wear and tear rulings have all had an impact on buy-to-let investors’ profit margins. If you don’t keep up to date with legislative changes, you could well be landed with an unexpectedly high tax bill that could cripple your investment.

Not considering expenses when calculating your annual yield
When calculating your annual yield, it’s likely you’ll take into account any monthly mortgage payments, but there are several other expenses that should also be considered when working out how profitable an investment is likely to be.

Expenses may include:

  • Income tax on rental income
  • Administrative costs – this will include reference checks, inventories and drafting contracts and tenancy agreements
  • Appliance safety checks and servicing/maintenance
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and property marketing costs
  • Letting agent/management costs
  • Any vacant period when rental income will not be generated – as a rule of thumb, you should anticipate at least month a year vacancy to allow for tenant changeover etc.
  • Monthly mortgage payments
  • Insurance
  • Additional 3% stamp duty when purchasing an investment property
  • You’ll also need to factor in Capital Gains Tax if/when you decide to sell the property.

Not researching alternative investment opportunities

A buy-to-let investment doesn’t necessarily mean a traditional residential property. Did you know that the average residential buy-to-let offers an annual return on investment of just 4.17% before expenses*? By contrast, some UK holiday lets could provide a guaranteed return of 8%**! The most profitable investment is not always the most obvious investment, so it’s important to explore all of the options available to you and think carefully about the profitability of any investment.

If you have a former buy-to-let property and like the idea of trading it in for a UK holiday let property, speak to Quick Move Properties today about their property part exchange service. If you’re interested in buying a UK holiday let as a new investment, Quick Move Properties have UK holiday-let properties available at sites throughout the UK. For more information, contact the team on: 01793 840917 or email:

*Average residential buy-to-let annual return data taken from The Telegraph